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Hello hello. It’s Thursday so it’s time for some recommendations! Here are this week’s three:

1/ I’ve been sitting with this post for a while. It’s really beautiful and sad and intense. It’s a personal essay of a son’s experience reckoning with his clinically depressed mother’s death by cancer. The son is Jesse Singal, host of a podcast I like called Blocked & Reported and he’s an excellent writer and researcher.

2/ On a lighter note, I felt very seen in (and frankly, dragged by) this piece about the ever-expanding issue of internet open tabs.

By collecting tabs, I’m hoarding aspirations. This tug of war between who I am and who I think I ought to be is the reason I collect tabs. Tabs are like a personal, arcane archival system for obligations I am hoping to put off. The point isn’t that I will eventually get around to looking at these tabs; the point is to hold onto the hope of one day getting to them before realizing I won’t.

3/ Finally, this piece on the crumbling supply chain for books. This is frustrating! Buy your books now!!

I realize you may be in need of some light after reading these posts, so here’s a wonderful music video to brighten the mood:

That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for subscribing, unless you’re Dennis who still won’t subscribe. Feel free to share this post and newsletter and see you next Thursday.

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