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God morgen! Still in CPH and still enjoying every minute of it. We’ve been eating so much incredible food. The bakeries here are truly top notch. It helps to travel with a pastry chef, of course, but wow I didn’t know I needed so much flaky goodness.

Copenhagen is also an incredible city for drinkers. There are so many bottle shops and wine stores and beautiful places to sit and sip. We’re also biking everywhere, of course. Despite a small crash earlier this week and getting not one, not two, but three different flat tires (two for me, one for S), we are persevering with the biking.

But, you’re not here for my travel journal! You’re here for the recs, so let me dive in and share my three weekly recommendations.

1/ This was a fun read.

2/ The “No Ordinary Man” trailer is very enticing. It looks like it’s going to be a super interesting documentary. There is so much queer history to be told and I’m here for it.

3/ If you’re into street fashion photography or perhaps were a fan of Bill Cunningham (who wasn’t?!) there’s a new IG account worth your follow. It’s called @watchingnewyork and it’s photographer Johnny Cirillo snapping pics of Brooklynites in all their sartorial glory. The account hosts excellent candid shots of New Yorkers on the streets. Here’s a vogue piece about the account.

Thanks again and for the new subscribers, welcome! I hope you enjoy and I appreciate you being here. Feel free to share this newsletter with anyone that is interested and send in any comments you have.

Have a great rest of your week.

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